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2022 Kindness Ball Tour

Chase believed that kindness could be found everywhere, and he was not afraid to share it! To honor Chase’s legacy, we want to show our kind support for people, places, and organizations across America that are making an impact and spreading kindness daily along the way. 


If you know of a person, group, or organization spreading kindness in your town, we want to know about it and celebrate it!  Click on CONTACT US; complete the contact form and drop us a message to bring the Chase Challenge Kindness Ball Tour to your town.


Both Cape Cod, Ma, and Atlanta, Ga hold a special place in Chase’s story. Cape Cod, Ma was Chase’s hometown, the very place full of family, friends, and a community that molded and shaped Chase’s character and his virtue to care help and share everyday.


The tour begins in Cape Cod, Ma.  Chase had always hoped to go back to his birthplace of Atlanta, Ga, so it is only fitting that our tour will end where it all began, Atlanta, Ga… by way of Los Angeles, Ca of course. 

Challenge Ball Check In

Yes, that is right, Los Angeles, California.  Chase was a couple of months from moving to California with friends to begin a new chapter in his life. 


If you knew Chase, you knew he loved basketball, Kobe Bryant, #24, sneakers, and the Lakers. We are honoring Chase with a detour to Las Angeles, CA. 


But wait, our tour would not be complete without pit stops along the way.  If you want to follow our tour to see where we are and what we are doing in between, follow us on social media!