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Care Help And Share Everyday

The Team Chase Foundation is a non-profit organization built on a fundamental:


Care Help And Share Everyday


On February 15, 2020, at the age of 23 years old, Chase Soares passed away in a tragic automobile accident. He was recognized by his family, friends, coaches, and community as a very, very humble and kind individual. Mom, Brooke, says, “he was always very generous and giving of his resources!”


We want to inspire every person to choose kindness and compassion over all else, just as Chase did. Chase did not have one best friend; he had one hundred best friends. It is important for us to give back to our community by promoting kindness and giving in Chase’s honor. If you had the privilege of knowing Chase, then you know this was Chase’s life motto!


Chase always lived his life in the present moment. As a very spiritual individual, when Chase saw the #47, he would pause for reflection, asking himself, how he could better his day, and, or the life of someone else. His spirit, influence, and outstanding character, both on and off the basketball court, will forge a legacy, for future generations. With a dynamic passion for basketball, playing and practicing daily, if you knew Chase, he always had a basketball in hand.


Chase was full of joy, always kind and giving, and an absolute inspiration to others in his daily life. He would always greet you with his award-winning smile and warmed your day, with his huge loving heart.


In the spirit of Chase, The Team Chase Foundation is committed to making changes in the community through acts of kindness and giving. We will encompass and enhance community projects and events to build a kind, compassionate and giving foundation in hopes, that it will ignite a renewed spirit among us, just as Chase did.


Chase created an impact of a lifetime in 23 short years, let his legacy bounce!


Please join us in celebrating Chase and celebrating hope and happiness for many generations to come through the generosity of this foundation.


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