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Chase Kindness Ball

The concept of the kindness ball is simple…. when the spirit moves you, pick up the check for someone’s meal, buy a drink for the person sitting next to you at the bar, or a coffee for the car behind you in the drive-through. Hand your server the Chase Challenge Kindness Ball and ask them to pass it off to the lucky recipient of your random act of kindness anonymously, of course! Ideally, they, in turn, will perform some random act of kindness, passing along the kindness ball card to keep the random acts of kindness bouncing! 

If you are interested in your own supply of “Chase Challenge Kindness Balls” email us at, or complete a contact form here on our page, to request your supply.


Our hope would be to collect $10.00 per 10 pack of Chase Challenge Kindness Balls, but if that donation amount prohibits you from spreading kindness, we will kindly pick up the cost and mail the package of balls to you for free, just because we think spreading Random Acts of Kindness in the spirit of Chase is a cool idea!


It is your turn to pay it forward.  Pass this kindness ball on through YOUR random act of kindness and keep the ball rolling!


Enter the drawing, share YOUR random act of kindness story, and receive a chance to win cool prizes! 


Follow YOUR ball on our interactive map to watch how far YOUR kindness travels!


Changing the world with YOUR kindness, one ball at a time!

“Let’s get it Let’s go!”