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Naden E

Reported a new act of kindness in East Falmouth, MA!

On 2023-02-14

Description of the act:

A random act of kindness I’ve done was actually today! Long story short my best friend is going through a lot. And she actually is going through a lot because if I was in her place I would feel so depressed and just feel like im not alive to the world. I feel really bad for her because people don’t treat her with respect. People are always putting her down and making her feel bad about herself but I know she tries to hide it to act like she’s not broken but deep inside I know she is and so does she. And here is when I come in. When people are alwyas talking about her around me in an unpleasant way, I always stand up for her because she’s such a sweet person and everyone always judges her and she doesn’t deserve this happening to her. However, today is of course Valentine’s Day and I don’t have a valentines but it’s okay! And she doesn’t either so I wanted to show her how much I love her as a best friend by checking up on her and telling her how much she means to me beach I know checking up on her makes her feel loved and happy because she always tells me that it rarely ever happens that someone checks up on her. So, that’s my story. And I love spreading kindness to everyone and I suggest to whoever is reading this, kindness is key:)

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