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Mark Manning

Reported a new act of kindness in Point Mugu, California, 93043!

On 2024-02-29

Description of the act:

We are currently in the process of moving from our house on base and our neighbors 8 year old kid became my standard weekend hello as I was out in the garage working on something he would always make it a point to say hello. The other day his mum told me that he noticed our house was starting to be packed up and he was very sad that we were leaving. This morning I was loading my truck and he came out with his mum about to leave for school and he said “Mark” and I said hey dude you have a great day at school and I wanted to say thank you for being my friend. I saw his eyes well up and he gave me the thumbs up and said thank you for being my friend. He went back in the house to grab his backpack and his mum said thank you that meant a lot to him. This wasn’t too random but, a great kid nonetheless with a bright future ahead of him and will always have a friend in me (even though I’m 36 years older!!

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